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About this website

This website is provided by Joel Clark and Diversified Resources. We are located in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas.

We have worked as a consultant/intermediary in the factoring industry for over fifteen years. We are listed on the Better Business Bureau and have never had a complaint.

If you've searched "factoring companies" or "factoring company" on Google or Bing in your search for a local factoring company you have undoubtedly  found that most if not all of the first page results are Foreign Corporations and those that have probably never even visited Missouri.

Some Factoring Companies listed may have an office in Missouri and that's wonderful.

There are a hand full of Factoring Companies in Missouri and I'd be happy to share their contact information with you.

Lexx Funding is one of them.

The goal is not only to generate business from this website but more importantly, assist small business and individuals in accessing information.

If you have a resource or suggestion feel free to call me.

Here are some must see's! 

St Louis Convention Complex
With more than 500,000 square feet of exhibit space, first-class catering options, and easy access in the heart of downtown, the America's Center Convention Complex offers facilities and services for any event.

About this website